Top 10 Topics to Get Motivational Speakers to Talk in Indonesia
by IDSB/ on 23 Feb, 2024

Top 10 Topics to Get Motivational Speakers to Talk in Indonesia

Coasting instead of cruising. Many of the employers in Indonesia have this feeling about their workforce. Employers feel their workforce is stuck in neutral and productivity is flattened passing each day. 

Employees lacking motivation is a serious issue, and the best thing an organisation can do about this is to invite a motivational speaker to any of their events.

These motivational speakers in Indonesia help you rekindle the spirit within your team and promote a culture of innovation, collaboration and well-being.

If you are serious about inviting a guest speaker but not sure which topic to address at the event, here are 10 red-hot topics curated for the Indonesian audience. Guaranteed to spark change and propel your company to the peak of success.

1. From Grit to Global

Look at the most successful business today around the globe. What is something that they have in common? It is not just the strong leaders and a great innovative product. They have a powerful teamwork and collaboration.

That’s why “From Rugged Individualism to Global Domination” can be your next surefire topic for engaging your workforce.

When your employees start to support each other’s growth, It inversely propels your company to the top. That’s the potential that can be unlocked from this topic.

By choosing this theme, you are inviting your team to explore the power of synergy and build the connection that propels them towards collective achievement. 

Remember a lone wolf can survive, but a pack can conquer.

2. Time Management

Time management is as crucial as oxygen for employees who are striving to meet deadlines and achieve goals. It’s not just about managing your calendar; it’s about managing your mindset too. 

Motivational speakers can deliver a well-customised speech to set clear goals and priorities based on your organisation's mission. This in turn can help your employees in their personal life too.

Motivational speakers like Divyha Bhojwani are well aware of the various time management techniques like Pomodoro Technique, Eisenhower Matrix etc. and can help your team to crush the deadlines with a smile. 

This topic is not just a gift to your employees, but a success to your bottom line as well.

3. Stress Management

Stress is the ultimate productivity killer. It can sap your employees' energy and cloud their judgement all the time. Your business may need to pay hefty fees because of this.

A stress management session by a motivational speaker can be an antidote to deal with it. Here is why this topic rocks.

Stressed workers = unhappy, unproductive zombies.

Motivational speakers like YuJin Wong a mental toughness expert can inject energy, resilience and coping mechanisms that can turn the zombies into productivity ninjas!

Happy employees = lower turnover, higher engagement and better work-life balance

4. Leadership and Team Building

Let’s be honest, colleagues acting like a bunch of cats trying to herd tuna isn’t your recipe for success. That’s why leadership and team building is necessary.

Having a leadership skill in your back pocket is like having a superpower, to any employee. They can inspire others, communicate clearly, and handle conflicts like Jedi masters. And everyone can benefit from this.

Team building is about creating a supportive environment, where everyone feels valued and empowered to bring in their strengths.

One of our leadership speakers, Dr. Timothy Low, is an example of how speakers can encourage team building and leadership. With his speech, he has helped his audience to ignite leadership and build bridges between the team members. With this, he has helped many organisations in Indonesia.

So if you want to stop the “every man himself” rut in your firm, you may need to consider this topic.

5. Conquering the Digital Peak.

The digital world is evolving faster than ever before. Don’t let your employees get left behind. Employees mastering AI, embracing automation and staying ahead of trends is essential today.

And, it’s a surefire way to future-proof your business. Upskilling them in this vertical can boost productivity, and innovation and keep them feeling valued at the same time.

Digital is not the future but the present, You want your team to surf with the wave and not be swept away. 

Hence, this can also be a great topic to dive into for your next event.

6. Embracing change as an opportunity.

Change is an opportunity and not an obstacle. It’s all in how you see it! But for most employees change is an unwelcome guest who just won’t leave. It doesn’t have to be.

Motivational speakers of Indonesia can arm your employees with time-tested strategies to overcome resistance, manage uncertainty and even find the opportunity with it.

Why is this a rockstar topic for your next corporate event? Simple: happy, adaptable employees equal a thriving business. By investing in their change management you are doing a big favour to yourself.

Change is the only constant, and your team can be either the victim or victor of it.

7. Customer Service with Heart

Happy customers are walking billboards of your brand.

In today's global marketplace, winning your customer’s heart is key to winning the game. In a world with endless choices, exceptional service always sets you apart. It boosts loyalty and positive word-of-mouth. 

Unfortunately, even the giant corporate spaces lag behind a good customer service system even today. 

Fortunately, Most motivational speakers know modern systems and protocols for customer service. These are implemented and tested out by startup ecosystems which have proven to be best.

An event with this topic can bring a completely new perspective to your existing customer support system.

8. Discovering Your Unique Spark

Employees are not supposed to be cogs in a machine. They need to be shining stars of the workplace.

A speaker can help them self-discover their strengths and passion. They can help your employees find their hidden talents and natural inclinations.

This is not just a feel-good topic for your event. Because, when employees are passionate and realise their unique strengths they get more productive with the work. They go the extra mile, not because they have to, but because they care.

A company is only as good as its people. When those people shine, your business shines too.

9. Work-Life Harmony

Workers with a strong work-life balance show 21% higher productivity. While your employees cruising the goals with laser focus is important, leaving the work ready to embrace life is equally important. For them and you as well.

Speakers can equip your team to cope with stress, build healthy habits and create a boundary between work and personal life. This will help your bottom line achieve sustainable success. 

A speaker can guide your team to work-life harmony where success and happiness coexist like best friends. 

Remember, happy employees are loyal employees. It is the key to building a sustainable business.

10. Building a Purposeful Future

No great business was ever built by the employees who were just punching clocks. They must come with a purpose to make a dent in the universe. 

Your team needs to be well-connected with your company's values. A speaker can show them how their daily efforts are contributing to a larger impact on the world. They can illustrate well with their storytelling skills. 

When people understand the bigger picture and see how their work is making an impact on the world they are more driven. 

Purpose can make people motivated. A motivational speaker can orate how their work is meeting the purpose of the brand. And help you build a future where success and purpose go hand in hand.


So there you have it! These 10 red-hot topics are guaranteed to ignite a spark within your Indonesian workforce and propel your company towards success. 

Remember, investing in your employees' well-being, motivation, and skills is an investment in your future. Choose a topic that resonates with your company's values and goals, and watch your team transform into a powerhouse of productivity, innovation, and purpose. 

Don't wait any longer, unleash the potential within your workforce, Invite the speakers in Indonesia and take your business to the next level!