Divyha Bhojwani

Personal Development Coach at The Zen Monk, The Zen Monk

Self-Development, Women Empowerment
Motivation, Motivation

Divyha Bhojwani


Divyha Bhojwani, an ICF-Credited Coach based in Indonesia, embarked on her coaching journey after triumphing over high-functioning anxiety, discovering the transformative power of Personal Development. Driven by a commitment to authenticity and self-development, Divyha aspires to guide individuals toward becoming their best selves, fostering a life of balance, fulfillment, and inner peace. Her mission is not just survival but thriving, utilizing personalized tools and strategies tailored to each person's unique world. The Zen Monk, her brainchild, stands as a dedicated platform for fostering "Zen" living through coaching, speaking engagements, and digital products. Divyha, a "feel-good" coach, warmly welcomes those eager to embrace authenticity and self-development in their lives.