Fiona Wang

Coach | Mentor | Trainer | Mind-Therapist | Counselor, Integra Institute

Coaching, Mindfulness
Leadership, Personal Branding

Fiona Wang


Fiona Wang, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accredited by ICF and a Registered ICF Mentor Coach, boasts over 20 years of executive expertise in FMCG and retail. Transitioning from a Vice President role in a national retail firm, Fiona dedicates herself to coaching and training at the Integra Institute.

Since 2009, Fiona’s multifaceted career spans counseling, mind therapy, and life coaching, evolving into seminars on wellness and leadership since 2012. Innovating SMILE coaching tools, Fiona simplifies coaching skills widely adopted by individuals and corporates.

Her passion for Mind technology birthed the Intuitive Coaching program, delving beyond the rational mind to embrace clients' intuitive minds. Fiona crafted Intuitive Coaching Cards and Leadership Tools, fortified by the program's ICF-accredited Continuing Coach Education.

Fiona eagerly collaborates for personal and professional growth, nurturing belief in everyone's latent resources to reach their utmost potential.