Bruno Calabretta

Founder at Aurora Coaching LLC, Aurora Coaching LLC

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
NFT, Metaverse

Bruno Calabretta


Meet Bruno, the visionary founder of Aurora Coaching. Embracing the title of a Holistic Entrepreneur, Bruno blurs the lines between passion, life, and work, striving for seamless integration. His aspiration? Not just personal growth but also igniting transformation in others' lives. Armed with an M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering, his technical acumen uniquely equips him to navigate the complexities of the Crypto World.

Bruno's methodology melds Coaching and Mentoring, empowering individuals to conquer their aspirations while drawing from his life's lessons. Driven by unyielding passion, he approaches challenges as opportunities, embodying an innate enthusiasm. Bruno's mission extends beyond mere success; it's about fostering growth, both personal and communal, transforming obstacles into pathways to success.